This journey has started out of a friendship of intention and love for style and fashion of artisan and founder of ZsaZsa Designs, Kimberly Wever and Ryon Dijkhoff of Maison Ryon.
Maison Ryon (translated French to English: House of Ryon) signifies the start of a passion project by the creative mind behind the brand, inspired by all the fashion Houses (Maison’s) of the world which served as a motivation and inspiration to start-off this endeavor.
The first collection of Maison Ryon in collaboration with ZsaZsa designs is The Aruban Traveler collection.
It represents the explorers, adventure seekers and travelers who seek pleasure through connections with people, cultures, authenticity, and an appreciation for the true charms of the world.
These luxury pieces are aimed for every person – non gender bounded – who feels connected to them. By embodying their own personal style and personality through these unique pieces of the highest quality and design.
All jewelry is handmade by Kimberly in Aruba and designed jointly with Ryon with much love & care, and from the best quality materials.