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Seroe Colorado


Seroe Colorado is located on the eastern tip of Aruba. The name of the neighborhood Seroe Colorado comes from a 30-meter-high limestone hill. The hill is named for the tan color of the limestone: Seroe Colorado means “colored mountain”. A very important part of history during the 2nd world war, where canons were installed for defense in the war, as this was very close to the biggest refinery in the world at the time located in Aruba.

This pendant is a blend of sophistication and island vibes.

Coral is highly-prized as a substance believed to be endowed with mysterious sacred properties. It is a symbol of modesty, wisdom, happiness and immortality.

Pyrite has long been valued as a strong protection stone that shields the wearer from negative energy as well as environmental pollutants. Thus, this stone helps promote physical well-being as well. Stimulating the second and third chakras, pyrite enhances strength of mind and willpower.

Cowrie shells are known as the most successful and the best form of currency in the various regions of the world. According to the African legends, the cowrie shells are representing the goddess protection which is highly powerful and is connected with the strength and power of the Ocean. Even as these beautiful and small shells have resembled with the life-giving organs of females, therefore, these are also known as elixir or giver of life which is why wearing a Cowrie Shell jewelry is always a good idea!

Natural Cowrie Shell and Gold-filled wiring and Coral bead and Pyrite bullet bar

Pieces made to order in Aruba. They are meticulously handmade by the artisan one piece at a time. Due to this process, there might be slight variations from one piece to the next. Such variations are inherent in the manufacturing of handmade products. Each gemstone varies in size.