ZSAZSA Designs Jewelry

ZSAZSA Designs Jewelry

The Designer

Kimberly Wever is the designer behind every piece of jewelry from the collection. She designs and makes the jewelry by hand in her atelier in Aruba. It has been 7 years since it first started in 2012. It's a passion that turned into a hobby. 

Kimberly has always been curious of how things are made and since very young loved to paint, draw and be creative in various ways. She is mostly known on her island for her jewelry brand, entrepreneurship, but also for modeling and participating at the Miss Aruba pageantry in 2015.

Every piece is made exclusively unique because making a duplicate identical as the other is impossible when making them by hand. The company has worked with different organisations in Aruba to create awareness, mostly beauty pageants candidates and local retail stores around the island. We are very open to working together helping small businesses and local talents prosper and grow.


The Brand

ZSAZSA Designs is a jewelry brand based in Aruba. Each piece of jewelry is handmade using high quality materials such as Swarovski Crystals and semi-precious gemstones worked together with 14K Gold-filled wires. 

The pieces consist of incorporating crystals and stones together. It’s an effortlessly luxurious mix, they raise any outfit to its deserved occasion and are a represantation of glamour and femininity.